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Ambianic Edge is an Open Source software project that turns your inexpensive home computer (Raspberry Pi or an old laptop) into a smart camera device. The recommended way to setup an Ambianic Edge device is to install the Ambianic Edge software on the Ambianic Box reference hardware. However you can build your custom Ambanic Edge device and run it on any sufficiently powerful ARM or x86 computer.

Quick Setup

We are meticulously focused on a simplified and streamlined DIY user experience from hardware assembly to mobile app. This section covers the quick and easy steps for setting up an Ambianic Edge device.


The easiest way to start is by assembling a new Ambianic Box from inexpensive off the shelf components. Just follow this step by step guide.


Follow the step by step instructions for a quick software install available here.

Once installed and running, you can connect to an Ambianic Edge via the UI app and see a timeline of detection events.

Advanced Setup

If you are more adventurous and would like to dive deeper into the project, this section is for you.


You can use your own home computer as long as it has at least as much computing power as the reference hardware used for an Ambianic Box


Follow these Advanced Install and CLI access instructions available here.


Some configuration features are available in the UI but more advanced configuration requires logging into the Ambianic Edge device via ssh and editing its config.yaml file. Read more about advanced configuration.

How to run in development mode

If you are interested to try the development version, follow this guide.

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Project Status and Stats

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This project has been inspired by the prior work of many bright people. Special gratitude to: * Yong Tang for his guidance as Tensorflow SIG IO project lead * Robin Cole for his invaluable insights and code on home automation AI with Home Assistant * Blake Blackshear for his work on Frigate and vision for the home automation AI space